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Covid-19 Updates

Thank you for working with us in our efforts to delay the spread of coronavirus- COVID-19.  We understand and share your concerns and urge everyone to read through this page and keep up-to-date with all new government advice and restrictions.  In order to ensure you have easy access to the information you need in relation to the day to day operation of our school we have created this dedicated page for you to refer to.

Please DO NOT come onto the school site if you are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19).
The most common symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are the recent onset of:

  • A high temperature
  • A new continuous cough
  • A loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste

If you’re getting a test because you have symptoms, you and anyone you live with must self-isolate until you get your result.  This also applies to anyone in your support bubble (where someone who lives alone – or just with their children – can meet people from 1 other household).  You must also self-isolate if you cannot get a test.

If you need to book a test please go to or call 119 between 7am and 11pm.

As an additional precaution, from the end of January 2021, until further notice, our staff are offered voluntary Lateral Flow Device tests (LFD) twice a week.

Thank you for working with us to protect our staff and children and to reduce the spread of the virus!


Only children of critical key workers and those families deemed vulnerable should attend, if they have prior agreement from the school.  If your child is self-isolating this absence will be recorded but will not affect their overall attendance figure.  It is vitally important that families contact the school immediately if anyone in the household has COVID-19 symptoms, if they they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive or if any member of the household has tested positive.

Actions taken by the school

As a school, we are taking every precaution to delay the spread of the virus.  These include the following:

  • All children are learning in class or year group bubbles.
  • Children have class tables and play zones at lunch and break.
  • Access to the school site has been restricted.
  • We have a one way system in place to avoid bottle necks and ease social distancing.
  • We have doors and windows open to allow for ventilation.
  • We ask everyone to wear a mask whilst on school grounds including drop off/collection times.
  • Specific lessons about safety measures and the importance of good hygiene have been taught and are regularly revisited.
  • Safety measures relating to Coronavirus have been shared with all children at an age appropriate level and posters have been put up around the school.
  • Planned opportunities for children to wash their hands have been increased and children are being encouraged to wash their hands more frequently.
  • Tissues are available in all classrooms and children are asked to blow their nose and/or sneeze into them and dispose of them immediately in the bin after use.
  • Hand sanitiser is available around school.
  • We are following an enhanced cleaning schedule throughout the school day.
  • We are using disinfectant wipes to clean equipment that has to be shared such as computer keyboards and iPads.


We have a number of booster and enrichment clubs running at present for selected children and whole class.  Please see the table below for the updated information.

Summer Term 2021 Summer Term 2021
Y1 English & PE (selected pupils) Y2 English & PE (selected pupils)
Y3 Writing Booster (selected pupils) Y4 Writing Booster (selected pupils)
Y5 Writing Booster (selected pupils) Y4 Booster Breakfast (all Y4)
Y5 Booster Breakfast (all Y5)
Spring Term 2021 Autumn Term 2020
Y2 & Y3 Writing (selected pupils) Y2 & Y6 English (selected pupils)
Y5 & Y6 Maths (selected pupils) Y2 to Y6 Maths (selected pupils)
Y4 Literacy (selected pupils)


We have seperated the children into different areas of the school at lunchtime due to the present Covid-19 restrictions.  Below you will see an aerial plan of the areas where each year have been allocated at lunchtime.

Reception – in Reception/Y1 play area
Y1 – Outdoor classroom area
Y2 – Stage playground
Y3 – The Haven and part of the tarmac playground
Y4 – Gym and part of the tarmac playground
Y5 – Half of the field
Y6 – Half of the field

Government Information

Please click on the link which will take you directly to the latest government and public health guidelines:  Coronavirus Information 

Keeping up-to-date and in touch

During the Covid-19 outbreak, we will keep in contact with you via email, text and keep copies of letters on this page.    Our staff will also be in touch by telephone to check how the pupils are and to answer any questions you may have.  If you would like to contact the school please text 01438 300021 or email admin@broombarns,  Both of these systems are being monitored and we will reply to you as soon as possible.  If you would like us to post photos of your child learning from home on our Instagram account please send them to please be assured we never post children’s names.

Please do not contact the school by telephone unless it is for an urgent matter, this will ensure that call volumes can be managed.  Thank you.


These letters include school phased reopening, timetables, potential use of PPE and the process that parents  and pupils should follow at school

Government advice

To book a NHS antigen test for Covid-19 go to

Governors at Broom Barns

The governors are responsible for governing the school. Most of their work takes place out of school hours, but governors often visit the school and are linked with particular classes and each governor is also linked to a subject.

Governors are here to ensure the school meets its statutory duties, manage the budget and contribute to school improvement – curriculum and premise.  If you would like to speak to a governor please contact the school office by email

Health & well-being links
Government publication on Covid-19

In these times, where there are so many uncertainties , stressful experiences and challenges, we must now (more than ever) look after our mental health. As a school, we are committed to supporting children in maintaining a healthy mind and whilst schools are closed, please use this resource to support your children through this challenging time.

Good mental health is the foundation of young people’s emotional and intellectual growth, underpinning the development of confidence, independence and a sense of self worth.

Young people who are mentally healthy will have the ability to:

• Develop psychologically, emotionally, creatively, intellectually and spiritually
• Initiate, develop and sustain mutually satisfying personal relationships
• Use and enjoy solitude
• Become aware of others and empathise with them
• Play and learn
• Face problems and setbacks and learn from them
• Enjoy and protect their physical health
• Make a successful transition to adulthood in due course

It is clear that parenting style has a critical impact on children’s emotional and cognitive development. Key protective factors include: feeling loved, trusted and understood, having interest in life, optimism, autonomy, self-acceptance, and resilience.

In addition, the school environment has been found to play a role. Whole school approaches to mental health promotion, and well-evidenced forms of anti-bullying strategies, for example, have been found to be protective of children’s mental health.

As a result of this, at Broom Barns we will continue to support you and your families in providing opportunities to develop your children’s well-being.

Remote Learning

Please check our Class pages or Remote Learning page for suggestions for pupils learning from home.  Remote learning during periods of quarantine or self isolation. On the first day of self isolation please see Oak Academy ( for ideas on how to support your child at home with continuing their learning.  After the first day, your class teacher will upload work to Google Classroom for your child to complete.  Please see the Broom Barns Remote Learning policy for further information.
Remote Learning page link

Risk Assessments

The COVID-19 outbreak is dynamic, changing daily, if not hourly.  Our Covid-19: Risk Assessments set out the decisions made and measures put in place to prepare for the phased reopening of the school and ensure the school continues to operate in a safe way.


We work in cooperation with the Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Board Inter-agency Child Protection and Safeguarding Children Procedures which are available at
The Headteacher is the Designated Senior Person for Child Protection. She will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns parents/carers may have about Child Protection policies and practice.

The website link below will take you directly to the Hertfordshire safeguarding web page, which is continuously being updated.  If you have any concerns please follow the advice on the website.  The Safeguarding during covid-19 web page link