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At Broom Barns, we recognise the importance of drama being implemented throughout our curriculum. Drama is a great way for children to collaboratively express and widen their vocabulary, whilst building self-confidence within a supportive environment. Drama can be used a tool to challenge all children, whilst helping to secure learning. Aspects of drama such as role playing and hot seating allows pupils to identify and explore characters within their class texts in English but can also be transferred to foundation subjects within our curriculum such as researching and taking on the role of characters from a historical period.

‘Drama and role-play can contribute to the quality of pupils’ writing by providing opportunities for pupils to develop and order their ideas through playing roles and improvising scenes in various settings.’ – Primary National Curriculum

Every class has the opportunity throughout the year to perform a class assembly to the rest of the school. This can be used as a way to promote and celebrate the learning within each class, or a way for children to promote things they are passionate about, for example, anti-bullying awareness.