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Values & Ethos

At Broom Barns we treat each other with respect.  We are a safe, happy and supportive school community, where everyone can enjoy learning to achieve their goals.

Broom Barns School is committed to providing equality of opportunities to all. We are proud to be an inclusive school that supports all children and adults.

Broom Barns Primary School is an inclusive school where we aim to inspire and empower our children to learn by providing a stimulating and exciting learning environment.  We will provide a modern and relevant curriculum to enable all children to achieve their full potential regardless of gender, beliefs and academic ability.  We recognise each child as an individual and encourage them to become resilient, independent, confident and happy children who can think for themselves.  This is underpinned by a core set of values, which will prepare them for today’s society.

R – resilient
I – independent
C – confident
H – happy
Our Core Values

Our Core Values