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Online Forms – sent electronically to the school


Online After School Sports Clubs Please  book through the School Gateway App.   The App can also be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.
Please complete this form to give permission for your child/ren to go to Cineworld in November.
2.Collection of Children Please use this to let us know who can collect your child from school. Y5/6 can your child walk home alone?
3.Consent Form One form combining all consents. Please complete this form to give your permission for a variety of things.
4.Data Collection Form Please use this form if you move or to change any other important information.
5.Y5/6 End of Each Term This form is for Year 5 and 6 pupils only. Can your child walk home alone when school finishes early?
6.Nursery Application Form Please complete this to apply for a Nursery place at Broom Barns School.
7.Pantomime 2020 Permission & Collection CHANGES EACH YEAR
Please use this form to inform us who will collect your child from the pantomime.
8.Request for Absence Please use this form to apply for a a leave of absence e.g. holiday.
9.Sports Festivals To be completed if your child has been offered a place at one of the sports festival.
10.WRAP Registration Form Register with WRAP before making your online bookings through the School Gateway App.
11.Y5/6 Breakfast Booster Y5/6 Breakfast Booster – Mon, Wed & Fri.
Y4 May to July only.
12.Y6 End of Year Events 2020 CHANGES EACH YEAR
Permission for Year 6 end of year trips and events.

Trip Online Forms

Please note the forms will be replaced with new ones as trips are added.


School Gateway for club bookings and payments.

Paper Forms