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Parent Survey Analysis 2023/2024

Governors conducted the survey during the week beginning 12th February 2024.  The survey asks a series of questions which the respondent has to rate. The ratings are as follows for most questions:
1. Strongly agree
2. Agree
3. Strongly disagree
4. Disagree
Parents were invited to give written feedback at the end of the survey.


One of the most important apps you can use to make your school communication and payments quicker and easier.  Download it now to start enjoying the benefits.

Please ensure you have downloaded the app as this will give you the following information and benefits;Arbor log in

Arbor is the schools Management Information System (MIS database).  It comes with its own Parent App for mobile phones and Arbor Portal for PCs/laptops.  Messages will be sent to you now through your Arbor Parent Portal, it is also for;

  • Free parent communications to school – App and email
  • Consents
  • Data collection and data quality checking
  • Parents evening booking
  • School reports
  • Club booking and payments
  • Trip – consent and payment
  • Attendance
  • Purchase book and shoe bags
  • Purchase raffle tickets
  • Donate to charity events at the school
  • and so much more.


Short videos for guidance for the Arbor App (phones) and the Portal (computers) can be found here:

Please note there are tabs in some pages to show the difference between the portal and the App.

Please be aware that we are not using all of the services referenced there.

Getting Started

For Frequently Asked Questions please go to;

Telephone Calls

Please note calls may be recorded for monitoring purposes.


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The school also has an Instagram account :Broombarnsprimary (Official).  Please note we do not use the Instagram message section for communication.


The school and school grounds are protected by 24 hour audio and video surveillance.