Nursery Oversubscribed Criteria

Nursery Oversubscribed Criteria
Parents may state their preference as to which nursery class, school or centre they would like their child to attend in the years leading up to the child’s fourth birthday. However, if there are not enough places available, places will be allocated in the following order of priority:

Please note if you are claiming under any of the following criteria you will need to provide professional evidence with your application:

  1. Sibling – Your child has a sibling at the school and they permanently live at the same address Monday to Friday.  If a child lives at two addresses equally, use the address of the parent or carer who claims the Child Benefit or Child Tax Credit. This is considered the child’s main address.  The sibling must be in Reception through to Year 5 at Broom Barns.
  2. Distance – Evidence of address is required and may take the form of a utilities bill or council tax bill confirming name and address.
  3. Children in Public Care – Your child is looked after, or was previously looked after and is now adopted, or has a Child Arrangement or Special Guardianship Order.  EVIDENCE = A letter /documentation from the relevant social worker confirming current or previous “looked after” status or child protection issues, a Child Arrangement or Special Guardianship Order or At risk – Your child, or a sibling of your child, is subject to an inter-agency child protection plan and been placed on the Child Protection Register.  EVIDENCE = a child protection plan or on the child protection register.
  4. Special Educational Needs – Your child has an Educational Health and Care Plan. EVIDENCE = The EHC Plan naming the school.
  5. Social or Medical Reasons – Your child has a particular medical or social need to go to this school that another school cannot provide.  EVIDENCE = A letter/documentation from doctor/health visitor/consultant etc. confirming child’s social or medical needs. It is for the school to decide whether the evidence submitted is sufficient.

Please see Broom Barns Nursery Admissions & Attendance Policy for further explanatory notes and definitions for nursery applications (Appendix 1).

If, after deciding applications requiring professional evidence and sibling applications, the school has more applications remaining then there are places available, places are allocated on the basis on distance.  Broom Barns Primary School uses ‘Google Maps’ and ‘Free Map Tools’ to measure distance.  All distances will be by a “straight-line” measurement from the address point of each individual house to the address point of the school.

We are not able to discuss or allow another person to make changes to an application without consent from the original applicant.

A place in our nursery does not guarantee a place in our Reception.  Reception applications need to be made separately please go to :

Children are not able to attend Broom Barns Nursery School beyond the end of the current school year i.e Children who are four years old by 31st August are not able to continue attending nursery in September. This allows Broom Barns Nursery to operate in line with the admission age and criteria for Reception Classes at Schools within Hertfordshire.

Any appeals or queries regarding this process should be put in writing to the Chair of Governors at Broom Barns Nursery School, Homestead Moat, Stevenage, Herts SG1 1UE.